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Nail Salon in Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to nail art, it is perhaps the trendiest craze among youngsters these days. Nowadays, everyone wants to make your nails and fingers more beautiful. For fulfilling their dream, share a list of the Best Nail Salon in Brooklyn, NY New York State is here with its team and its amazing nail designs and ideas as well. They can pick any design they need that suits their preferences and their way of life. Consequently, the majority of young women are investing their time at a nail salon. There are specialists at salons who assume responsibility for the pampering of your nails.

Nail art is the act of painting beautiful designs on your fingernails. It is a great method to light up your regular appearance or decorate an extraordinary event getup. This scramble of style certainly will assist with finishing any outfit and genuinely show the character of any individual who holds it. There are assortments of art designs accessible on our nail salon extending from basic and downplayed to stylish and silly designs. For example, you could decide to paint dots, flowers or you could put stickers on your nails for a social gathering or illuminate the name of your favorite celebrity or band or it could even be your name.

1) Element Beauty Lounge

Address : 1016 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11218

Call – (718) 282-3287

2) Cobble Nails & Spa

Address : 420 Clinton St Brooklyn, NY 11231

Call – (718) 222-0021

Website :

3) Luna Nail Lounge

Address : 1167 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11216

Call – (718) 484-2396

4) Pure Nail Salon

Address : 927 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11238

Call – (718) 638-6394

5) Element Beauty Lounge

Address : 764 St Johns Pl Crown Heights, NY 11216

Call – (718) 221-5792

6) Honey Nail Salon

Address : 1414 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn, NY 11226

Call – (718) 759-6009

7) Glorious Nail

Address : 313 Avenue X Brooklyn, NY 11223

Call – (718) 998-8666

8) Shespolished The Salon

Address : 434 Hancock St Brooklyn, NY 11233

Call – (718) 975-0910

9) Wellzen Lounge

Address : 593 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225

Call – (347) 663-3287

Website :

10) Borgata Nail & Spa

Address : 866 Utica Ave Brooklyn, NY 11203

Call – (718) 693-3580

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