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You must have noticed many times that there are lots of fashion-conscious women who go to nail salons no less than once per month for pedicures, nail trims, and different services. As a matter of fact, all ladies go to nail salons to look great.

If you also want to take a step ahead with the trend, then you also need to go to a salon. We provide the best and most popular Nail Salon in Billings, Montana State where you can get different nail beauty services. They have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians who not only change your look but also help you to enhance your personality.  

A pedicurist, nail expert, and manicurist offer assortments of services, for example, nail shaping, cleaning, nail extension, and many more to make a progressively appealing nail, pushing and softening cuticles and applying nail polish on them. There are additionally incredible determinations of nail salon supplies, not many of them are:

  • Nail dryers
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure Accessories
  • Nail treatment tables
  • Foot shower

Apart from these instruments, there are also lots of tools that help in nail services. So, don’t waste your time in roaming around here and there, just visit the, that provide the Best Nail Salon in Billings, Montana State and enjoy your life amazingly.

1) Galaxy Nails and Spa

Address : 2545 Central Ave Ste E Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 652-5439

Website –


Salon GALAXY NAILS & SPA offer a range of beauty services to pamper and polish you from head to toe at an affordable cost together with quality products and services. Step inside and leave your worries behind as you take pleasure in a pretty gel manicure or spa pedicure. Their main goal is to pamper all the women with unique manicures and pedicures that may leave your nails looking elegant and causes you to feel rejuvenated.

Relax within the luxurious facility equipped with modern amenities and luxuriate in nail care performed by highly trained and experienced staff. Select from gel manicures, spa pedicures, rejuvenating facials, and brow waxing. They focused on being the simplest within the industry and their job makes sure that every individual leaving the salon looks and feels their best.

So why not keep your nails always polished to perfection? This salon offering you a plethora of nail services. Don’t delay! Book your appointment today.

2) Digits Nail Salon

Address : 820 Shiloh Crossing Blvd Ste 4 Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 256-7106

Website –


Beauty could be an important asset that’s in everyone’s best interest to leverage. Digits Nail Salon offers services for hands and feet, including manicures, pedicures, nail repair, and hand and foot treatments. Their experienced nail techs always ready to help you. The expert of the salon will take your old polish off and freshen up your nails with a new color of your choice. Finish with moisturizing cuticle oil.

Relax at the time they shape your nails, soften, and push back your cuticles and moisturize your skin with a massage. Choose your favorite polish or buff and shine the natural nails. They take care of your skin with a sugar scrub to stimulate circulation and exfoliate. Nails are shaped with gentile cuticle care followed by a calming hand massage. Finish with a polish of your choice.

They take time and need all of their customers to have a wonderful experience. Call and book your appointments today.

3) U Nails & Spa

Address : 111 S 24th St W Ste 30 Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 894-2191

Website :


Give the gift of self-care to treat someone special in your life. The salon’s design is meant for clients to feel relaxed as soon as they walk through the door. Beauty salon U Nail and Spa has 16 years of industry experience and it’s a top player in the category of Nails & Spas. It is located in Billings, Montana you are sure to find the peaceful experience that you are looking for.

They truly care about providing exactly what you wish; their dedication to you never varies. Professional experts paying extra attention to your nails or providing you with the best facial treatment, you’ll be able to rest assured that U Nail and Spa will go above and beyond to make sure your treatment is ideal for you.

They strive to cater to every client’s specific needs. They uphold the very best of standards when it involves sanitizing and cleaning the salon. They only use fine quality products and top brand equipment irrespective of what service you select.

They may offer a variety of services to their respected clients including Facials, professional manicures and pedicures, and waxing. The staff at this establishment is courteous providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. They always keep a welcoming atmosphere while working incredibly hard to ensure that their clients have the best experience. Call today to schedule an appointment.

4) Sensation Nails & Spa

Address : 2450 King Ave W Ste B Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 281-8478

Website :


Life isn’t perfect, but you’ll be able to have nails in shape with Sensation Nails & Spa. Expert here works together to present you with the exceptional beauty services you deserve. Professionals will give personal attention to your skin, body, and lifestyle. They provide manicures and pedicures for girls and beautiful females. Additionally, they provide waterless nail services for both hands and feet.

They can give your nails and hair a makeover that’s 100% profesh, and they’re going to make you feel amazing. So, be ready to flaunt your style at the next party or wedding and make some heads turn. They’re available for you! Please take complete advantage of your visit to the salon, so you’ll be able to enjoy the entire facility and relax within the beautiful lounge.

You can start off with a manicure and then get them to glam your nails with patterns or with sparkling stonework. Once before stepping into the salon give them a call if you’d wish to take advantage of their nail art services. Hope to see you here soon!

5) VIP Nail Salon & Spa

Address : 805 24th St W Ste 12 Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 656-1414

FB Page –


Your hands and feet never take a day off so take care of them. VIP Nail Salon & Spa is famous boutique nail salons where technicians make your nails seem amazing. It’s a one-stop-destination for achieving that glam party-ready look. On their nail menu, they have mani-pedi, gel polish and extensions, chrome nails, acrylic overlays, nail art, and so on.

They offer you polish change, overlays, extensions, refills, tip replacements, toe extensions, nail art. basically everything you can probably ask for at a nail salon. Any nail trend you see on Instagram, just show them an image and their technicians will recreate it on your nails for you! Hands and feet care doesn’t end with manicure and pedicure or trim and softening. An exquisite polish of your nails can add glamour to your hands and feet. The Cut, File, and Polish exclusive at VIP Nail Salon & Spa Billings, Montana State give your hands and feet a fresh look. The nails are beautifully trimmed, cuticles cleaned & treated to form them beautiful. Nail art is for those who want exceptional look for hands and feet beauty care.

6) Get It Nail and Spa

Address : 1313 Grand Ave Ste 7 Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 601-1133

Website :


Summer started and it’s a time to flaunt all things beautiful and your nails shouldn’t miss out either. Get It Nails & Spa has nails to match every mood and occasion. This salon is situated in Billings, MT 59102. Here expert beauticians and nail artists providing clients a luxurious and memorable experience.

They are specializing in personalized nail art; you’ll have your favorite picture worked into the nail design at this salon. Other than this, there are other trendy, colorful styles to choose from to beautify your nails. The technique is the top priority in this nail salon. Their innovative techniques and distinct designs will leave you stunned. Besides, customer’s cleanliness and safety are going to be guaranteed in this salon because all the products used here are disinfected carefully after every use. Visit this salon today and experience the mixture of luxury and elegance. This nail salon looks forward to seeing you! Jazz up your outfits with the latest nail art design without causing a dent in your wallet.

7) Willow Creek Day Spa & Salon

Address : 1139 N 27th St Ste A Billings, MT 59101

Call – (406) 256-9772

Website :


Every girl loves nails painted and hair with perfect waves. Come to Willow Creek Spa and Salon and choose your nail art design that suits your outfit. They are an AVEDA family salon located in the medical corridor, next to City Brew Coffee House in Billings Montana.

They specialize in superior Aveda professional hair, skin, massage, waxing, and nail services in a fun, comfortable salon environment. Their main motto is to passionately serve guests, both local and new to Billings, as well as each other. They offer treatments and beauty procedures and exceed the beauty and wellness expectations of every guest. Book your appointment today, and let the expert’s work their magic as they cut, file, scrub, and buff away. If you have a theme or an occasion in mind – be it forest patterns or cutesy animal designs, then tell to the professional stylists he/she can finish with nail art that you prefer.

8) The Rustic

Address : 824 Shiloh Crossing Blvd Ste 4 Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 652-5412

Website :


Ladies do many things to highlight the beauty of their faces.  But when it involves hands, she doesn’t pay much attention thereto. Dry hands, sharp nails, and non-painted nails completely spoil your look. In such a situation, the beauty of your face fades because of your hands. Don’t stain your beauty.  Welcome to the Rustic Spa & Salon.

This salon offers a service like facials, skin treatment, nails, massage, hair, and NBR. They have a team of dedicated staff who are well-versed in the latest trends and techniques and pamper you to your heart’s desire. They particularly aim at selecting the proper product for his or her clients. Here you’ll be able to try outing various varieties of nail arts and getting yourself some nail extensions too. This salon official website is an ultimate solution to get rid of dull look and get adorned into the flawless appeal that would surely make you the center of attraction. Give a try to the top-notch nail salons situated in the heart of the city.  Make an appointment in advance. 

9) The Ritzz Salon

Address : 2646 Grand Ave Ste 8 Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 652-0555

Website :


The Ritzz Salon is the Most Preferred Salon in Billings, Montana, and a one-stop buy everything you’ll need for beauty with an excellent atmosphere. it’s a full-service salon and spa where you’ll be able to meet with the professional team of Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians, and Estheticians who offer hair styling, manicures, pedicures, and a full menu of salon services to form you look and feel your best.

You have a chance to settle on from their plethora of services like Hair extensions – tape in hair extensions, Balayage, Brazilian blowout, Ombré, Magnetic eyelashes, Eyebrow tinting, Eyelash tinting, Hairstyle, Manicure and plenty of more. They provide a large range of cosmetic skincare treatment which has Waxing.

They are more dedicated to offering satisfaction because hygiene and satisfaction are the two major points that could mark the arrival of the client every time. Come treat yourself, or bring your family and friends and indulge together in the warm, casual, and soothing atmosphere of this salon. Be good to yourself today!

10) Da Vi Nails

Address : 2525 King Ave W Billings, MT 59102

Call – (406) 655-8994

Website :


Step into a world of DA VI NAILS and it brings a uniquely vibrant and relaxed environment with a contemporary luxurious where every woman can rejuvenate herself with shine and sweetness. From manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, and waxing services, there’s everything under one roof. They ensure all products they use don’t cause unpleasant side effects like skin irritation, sensitivity to more serious implications on the health.

This salon has passionate and diverse expert technicians who always ready to provide a warm, relaxing, and pampering experience that leaves you to sense rejuvenated. Their full services combine the newest technology with creative excellence and also the finest salon products to make sure that every visit always exceeds your expectations.

DAVI NAILS experts promise to produce top-of-the-line services, unparalleled customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere. If you want to urge a salon service, then book your appointment today. Guests at our saloon are greeted with friendly, attentive service from a staff dedicated to fulfilling each individual’s needs.

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